The Body shop nail polish in got the Blues

last week I used The Body shop Colour Crush nail polish in #620 got the Blues, which I got during the makeup 50% off sale back in May.

This usually retails for $8 for a 6.8ml bottle.

I’ve done a evaluation on the Colour Crush nail polishes before, as one of the very first articles on my blog where I examined my very first Body shop polish, the shade Almond Kiss (the high quality of the pictures were terrible as well as I have toyed with the concept of redoing those older articles however I believe it’s much better to leave them as they are, to show progress…)

Do you SEE exactly how close I was to dripping polish on my back drop! It’s only a matter of time! I don’t care, I like trying to catch dripping nail polish off the brush.
Got the Blues is a denim-y blue with a bit of a periwinkle leaning. It’s dirty sufficient that I don’t feel like I’m using BLUE nail polish to the office. Plus, I believed last week was a great week to bust out a a lot more colourful mani considering that 1) my manager was a away (which is funny I’d even care considering that my manager really uses a lot more outrageous colours that I do) 2) it was a short work week considering that we had Monday off 3) it’s full on summertime weather condition right here

I discovered the formula to be a bit on the thinner side, here’s the very first coat:

But I accomplished opaque protection on the second coat:

The polish applies ever so somewhat darker than exactly how the polish appears in the bottle:

After 7 days of wear, this is what it looks like:

Oddly, I experienced a chip on the index finger on my ideal hand on Day 7 – I barely ever get actual nail polish chips like this. I don’t fault the polish considering that it’s likely I was choosing at something (probably a sticker).

I truly must apply hand cream as well as / or cuticle oil before I take these photos! This is right after I had completed cleaning the kitchen. keeping it genuine here…

My general score as well as evaluation still holds true from the Almond Kiss review. The Body shop color Crush nail polish is a solid performing polish however the fat cap still bothers me, as well as it is costly on a per ml basis compared to other polishes – I’d only ever get these when there’s a 50% off sale.

Are you a fan of The Body shop nail polishes?  What’s your much-loved blue polish?

By the way, I’ve figured out with 97% certainty that the secret shade from OPI is Venice the Party? based on comments on right here as well as on Instagram.

Thanks to everybody who supplied feedback!

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