how does this sound?

Huge pile of magazines

Big comfy bed

Sunshine streaming through large windows

Yeah, that’s going to be my self-imposed reward this afternoon. quality meow time with myself, maybe a husky tabby companion and magazines!


Honestly, how do these things pile up so quickly? I subscribe when I see a really good deal, normally after I get an overpriced $4 issue at the bookstore and then 20 of those postcard subscribe thingies fall out. “Get 12 monthly issues for $12!”

OK, Mr. marketing Guru, I will.

I think I’m up to seven subscriptions now…


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

Entertainment weekly — I love their movie, TV show and book reviews. plus the writing’s really good. I also like their graphic design style. I get a lot of ideas from them for my articles and pictures on the blog, like the way they style their titles for articles and use colorful shapes. This is probably one of the longest subscriptions I’ve held. need to be 4-5 years already.

Nylon — just really cool style. I like the sassy writing, and they have an substantial appeal section.

Allure — A good thorough appeal mag.

Glamour — got a little of everything. The standard glossy.

Popular photography — Gotta get the gear!

Better homes and gardens — good source of inspiration for interiors and recipes.

Real basic — just everyday life things.

Whenever a new one comes in, I set it on a stack in the corner of my room, and before I know it the stack is 12 feet tall and about to fall over!

This month I’m loving on that coppery red blown-out eyeshadow Julianne Hough is sporting on the cover of Allure.

Dude, if I had her eyes, I’d be rockin’ that makeup every single day. I love the contrast of the coppery tones and her blue peepers.


I’m also digging the graphic design on this cover of Nylon…

And try to peel your eyes away from hottie Mr. 50 shades of Grey for a second to appreciate Dakota Johnson’s bangs on the current cover of Glamour. It just may be my next hair style.

A co ty? Do you subscribe to any magazines? Which ones are your faves?

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