Getting My Vitamin W at Ulta Today, Where I Peeped Some Pixel Cosmetics, NYX, Physicians Formula, earth Therapeutics and natural Life

Oh, hello! fancy meeting you here!
Wandering around a store like Ulta is like chicken soup for my soul.

I hope you’ve been having a good week, but I gotta be honest — this hasn’t been one of my all-time best. nothing big. just the rainy weather, I think.


Buuut, today the sun came out, so I pulled myself together, did what I had to do, and stopped by Sephora and Ulta to get some vitamin W (for W-indow shopping).

I saw a bunch of cute stuff at Ulta (the one on Francisco Blvd. in San Rafael), like these things from NYX, Pixel and Physicians Formula…

The $4.99 NYX Primal colors pressed Pigments Facepowders
Pixel color Cosmetics (pieces are $2.49-$5.99 each)
$5.99 Pixel double pan Eye Duos
$13.99 Physicians formula Shimmer Strips custom All-in-1 nude palette for face & Eyes and $14.99 Bronze Booster Glow-Boosting beauty Balm BB Bronzer SPF 20
NYX $24.99 Revenge Is infinite makeup Collection
And then there’s this brand called natural Life. They make purses and other accessories with spunky, inspiring sayings and bright colors and cute prints.


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

The $16.99 natural Life Is easier Zipper Pouch

$21.99 natural Life Canvas simple Wristlet
$23.99 natural Life perfect wonderful Wristlet
$21.99 natural Life Canvas Kisslock PillBox
Of course, I couldn’t leave empty-handed…

Well, I mean, I didn’t want to leave empty-handed.

Little bitty Ulta haul
I walked out with a couple of random things — a hello Kitty Cosmetics Headband by earth Therapeutics (I’ve been needing a headband for when I wash my face at night) and a bright pink, orange and turquoise Boho Bandeau by natural Life.

Earth Therapeutics hello Kitty Headband ($7), sleep Mask ($12) and Pedicure Wand ($8)
I’m pretty fired up about the Boho Bandeau!

The $10.99 natural Life Boho Bandeau
Love the colors. Gotta give it a try with a hot pink matte lip, or maybe some turquoise eyeliner along the lower lash line…

The packaging has a bunch of pictures of different ways you can wear it.

That’s cool…but ya know, I’ll probably just use it as a headband, LOL!


Have you been getting your vitamin W lately? It’s important, you know. let me know if you’ve found anything cute.

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