10 things I love about Rouge Bunny Rouge

10 things I love about Rouge Bunny Rouge
1. Satin eyeliner in Blue Roan

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some black liquid liner. It’s timeless and classic, never goes out of style, yada-yada-yada-yada, but wearing it day in/day out starts to get repetitive. At least for me it does. This deep blue…sigh! It’s gorgeously rich, with no strange green undertones, and it’s a fun way to switch things up and get out of a black liner rut. Plus, it’s smooth and easy to use. $28, and available now at Rouge Bunny Rouge counters and online.

Wearing my newest liquid liner love, Rouge Bunny Rouge Satin eyeliner in Blue Roan ($28)
2. The exclusivity

I kind of love that you can’t just roll up to any ol’ Macy’s and find RBR in the cosmetics department. There’s an air of exclusivity about it that I dig. It’s the same feeling I get whenever I wear Byredo Parfum’s Gypsy Water fragrance…like I’m in on a secret that only the cool girls know about.


3. speaking of perfume…

Rouge Bunny Rouge has some really interesting and complex scents that aren’t your run-of-the-mill candy-coated pop star sh*t that someone slapped a glittery label on and dropped on a shelf at Sephora. Their scents surprise me all the time, but aren’t so far out and artsy that I can’t relate to them. Tenera ($129) is one of my faves when I’m in the mood for something kinda spicy and comfortable (has notes of black pepper, heliotrope, vanilla pod), and Allegria’s my go-to when I want something much more feminine and soft (grapefruit, mint, basil and tonka bean).

4. The extra touches

I like that the brand does fun little extras, like jewelry trays and tiny ceramic flower room fresheners that you can spritz your favorite RBR fragrances onto, every once in a while when you purchase from their website.

5. Long-Lasting Eye shadow in Rufous-Tailed Weaver

ERHMAYGOODNESS. Don’t even get me started on Rouge Bunny Rouge’s powder eyeshadows because we will be here for DAYS. Their complex, long-lasting, interesting colors and finishes are such a delight to blend. They really do make it SO easy.

I also think RBR does neutrals particularly well. They play with finishes and undertones to create unusual shades that you just don’t see the same way anywhere else.


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

Rufous-Tailed Weaver’s a favorite of mine. It’s kinda bronzy from some angles, khaki-gold from others. I lurves it. $25, and available at RBR counters and also online.

Rouge Bunny Rouge When Birds Are singing Long-Lasting Eye shadow in Rufous-Tailed Weaver
6. The storytelling

They’re so creative! I love the magical world RBR creates with their products. Their makeup takes me to a fairytale land where, like, bunnies speak with me and pleased birds help me get dressed in the morning.

Every item has an element of fun and whimsy, and the products teleport me to a beautiful place where I never feel sad or blue or awfully stressed out.

Whenever I’m having a bad day, I know that I can escape through RBR makeup to a fantastic world where I can be whatever I want — understated or bold (but always elegant) — even if I’m actually just sitting on my couch in a pair of stretchy pants.

I love that the line isn’t awfully medical or technical or cold, either. It’s approachable yet dreamy, with a sense of wonder.

7. Feline gaze liner in Salome

Mega cat lady points for the name, “Feline Gaze.” Creamy, soft and so extremely easy to smudge, this pencil liner also stays put. Salome is a rich, deep black matte without any blue or green undertones. $20, and available now at Rouge Bunny Rouge counters and also online.

8. Smithereens of stars Eye Gloss

This is one of those cool products that you don’t think you’re going to need until you start using it. It’s a shiny eye gloss that you can wear on your lids or brows for a wet, dewy look (also great for an inner corner highlight).

I like to just plop it on plain lids, and add a couple coats of mascara and a bright lip. completely brightens up my face. $25, and available at Rouge Bunny Rouge counters and online.

9. The sheer Lipsticks

I love these creamy, comfortable, soft and hella moisturizing lipsticks, especially the neutrals, namely Musings and Murmurings. $24 each, and available now at RBR counters and online.

10. Abyssinian Catbird

Another must-have RBR neutral eyeshadow, Abyssinian Catbird is a dreamy, buttery golden brown with a satin finish, and methinks it looks amazeballs on the lids with just a bit of black liner and mascara.


Simple, understated and elegant. very Rouge Bunny Rouge. $25, and available now at Rouge Bunny Rouge counters and online.

Your friendly neighborhood bunny addict,


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