Neděle s kartami Kočka, make-up a Charm Blog Mascot, Vol. 613

So this is gonna be a pretty quiet independence Day by Tabs’ standards. He used to go all out, of course. As you can probably imagine, he was all about celebrating the 4th. He lived a life figuratively filled with fashion fireworks, and his flamboyant personality dazzled the night sky on numerous occasions.

He was a regular fixture at the annual Marin county fair every July, which because of current events has been cancelled this year. He would purrform some of his greatest hits on stage under the big tent where people would retreat with their funnel cakes and corndogs to get out of the hot sun, and he always dressed the part.


Ooh, that cat loved fireworks!

Really, he just liked having a good time, and he loved independence — both his and ours.


If Tabs were here this year, despite the virus, I’m sure he would have figured out a memorable way to celebrate the 4th. I hope we can too.

Váš přátelský sousedství Charm Addict,


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