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Dear Tabby is written by Tabs the cat, widely considered “the world’s very first plus-size kitty supermodel.” founded in mid 2012, it has rapidly ended up being the most popular feline recommendations column on earth — known for its fresh, feline perspective on lifestyle, fashion as well as style issues affecting cats as well as humans.

Cat questions canine comparisons

DEAR TABBY: What does it indicate when someone says, “He’s so dog-like”?

To jo! I hear it all the time, as well as they typically say it like it’s a compliment, like, “Oh, that’s so cute! He’s just like a dog…” as well as I’ll be, like, walking around the neighborhood on my leash when some random stranger will say it.


I mean, nothing against dogs… You know, whatever. some of my coworkers are dogs, as well as we work together… It’s fine. I have no problem with dogs. They do their thing, you know, with the slobbering as well as the sniffing. To je jedno. I just don’t see the resemblance at all.

Seriously, Tabby, ought to I be offended, or am I missing something here?



Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

Just since I like my leash doesn’t make me a cocker spaniel

DEAR FIDDLES: The same thing happens to me all the time! Yeah, I don’t get it either, however I don’t think it’s anything to worry about. I think it really may be somehow related to the leash, since that seems to be when it happens, when I’m wearing my leash, however I don’t understand if it’s a style thing, like if some canine star is rocking my same leash, or something else.

But it does seem to occur a great deal when I’m either walking with my assistant on my leash, or waiting at the front door with my leash to go outside.

I assumption just try not to take it personally, if you can.

Mature mouser has problems with privacy

DEAR TABBY: Gah! These kittens today, always with their lion cuts as well as Twitters as well as Instagrams. They don’t understand which way is up!

There is such a thing as too much sharing. You’re a pro, Tabby, however some of these young kittens just don’t get it. They don’t understand. They don’t realize that once it’s out there in the cloud, it’s forever. It might be five years from now in a task interview, as well as they’ll discover that picture of you drinking those catnip shots. Selfies are the downfall of society!

My nieces as well as nephews are regularly posting things like that on the Facebooks. exactly how can I get them to stop?

With friendly thanks as well as best wishes,

I purchased this necklace online

DEAR BARTHOLOMEW: You gotta lighten up, man! There’s no turning back the clock. These kittens are growing up in a wired world. Sure, in some cases I worry about privacy, however there’s already so much info out there. All you can really do for the kittens is remind them to be cautious as well as use typical sense.

As for technology itself, it can be really fun! I motivate you to get one of your nieces or nephews to assist you produce an Instagram account. once you get to understand it better, you may even take pleasure in yourself.

Assistant needs nutrition recommendations for finicky feline

DEAR TABBY: I work for — exactly how do I put this? — a very demanding employer. You understand that woman from The Devil wears Prada? Well, my employer Armani is just like that, however a thousand times worse.

Last week her personal physician/nutritionist placed her on a restricted diet plan that I’m expected to implement, as well as I’ve been trying, however nothing seems to make Armani happy. As her assistant/personal chef, the nutrition plan is my responsibility, however I’m floundering. I spend hours preparing her specialized meals, however then when I set them in front of her, she sniffs, rolls her eyes as well as walks away. One time she even swatted at the bowl.

Tabby, you’re a well-known feline foodie with a sophisticated palette. Do you have any type of preferred healthy recipes that Armani may like?

S pozdravem,

Gravy makes whatever better

DEAR AGNES: I’m very happy you asked, since yes, I do. In fact, my digital team as well as I just unveiled a brand new way of life site called, which is like Goop for cats, only way cooler. It has exercise plans, yoga videos as well as an substantial taste-tested recipe index. I’m sure you’ll discover something that Armani as well as her physician will like.

First-time assistant questions quitting

DEAR TABBY: My parents are always on my case. They keep saying that I need to grow up, so I went out as well as got a job, however it’s not working out the way I hoped. It’s just that the feline I work for is so demanding, as well as I thought this was going to be a part-time gig so I’d still have time for cheerleading as well as band, however now I’m working all the time. Some days even six hourS! Nesnáším to.

Můj manažer mě také dělá dělat hloupé věci, stejně jako čisté její vrhový box stejně jako styl její srst. Myslel jsem, že budeme prostě zavěsit, stejně jako zobrazit televizi.

Opravdu chci přestat, mourek, ale pak jsem vyděšený, že všichni řekne: “Říkal jsem ti to.” Co by mělo dělat?


Očekávám hodně od mých zaměstnanců

Drahý Kristy: Vítejte na pracovním světě. Není to všechny duhy, stejně jako peří hračky. Tail vás tleskám za to, že jste se snažili a objevili tuto lekci brzy.


Jako lákavé, jak to může být přestat teď, důrazně navrhuji, že tam visíte déle. Žena Gaga nezjistila přesně, jak hrát klavír za den. Mnoho pracovních míst se zlepšují, stejně jako vždy je čas přechodu, jakož i váš zaměstnavatel se s cílem porozumět, stejně jako vaše pracovní styly.

PET asistence může být bohatá, stejně jako uspokojující kariéra, ale musíte být připraveni provést práci, stejně jako objevit lana. Doufám, že tam visíte.

Hodně lásky, stejně jako úspěch, vždy,

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