$9 Maybelline color Elixir By color Sensational Lip Gloss Beams brilliantly on Lips

Maybelline color Elixir By color Sensational
Mezi! So shiny…

Something primitive kicks in whenever I see the mirror-like radiate of Maybelline’s color Elixir by color Sensational lip gloss ($8.99) on my lips.


I question if I have leftover genes from a cave woman who was a lot more thinking about collecting shiny rocks as well as staring into sparkly rivers than gathering dried sticks for the neighborhood terminate (BO-RING).


These have been out considering that autumn 2013, however this is my preferred time of year for this type of shine. The non-sticky medium-weight formula lasts about two hours on my lips as well as lusters like a lacquer.

Um…the flavor as well as scent? I believe they’re a tad unusual, like jasmine as well as earl gray tea perfume, if that makes any type of sense. I don’t mind it. It’s just a little…strange.

From the left: 015 Mandarin Rapture, 02 signature Scarlet as well as 095 blush Essence

“Experience saturated lip color, sensuous balm care as well as polished lip radiate from Maybelline new York color Elixir by color Sensational. The special smoothing angora clean delivers a polished, even application as well as smoothing feeling to lips. The balm infused formula, with pure color pigments, leaves lips feeling cushiony soft.”
– ulta.com

020 Signature-Scarlet
095 blush Essence

015 Mandarin Rapture
There are 20 shades offered now ($8.99 each) at drugstores, Ulta as well as online.


I most likely wouldn’t drive to five different Rite helps around Marin region to track ’em down, however if I were in the mood for an impulse budget plan beauty buy, eh, I’d decrease one in my cart, together with a bag of Peanut M&Ms, for sure.

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