MUJI cut Cotton White – Shiseido Facial Cotton DUPE

I was going to make this publish a “journey of discovery” as well as keep it a secret on whether the MUJI is a dupe or not for the Shiseido, however I’m just going to come out as well as tell you that YES, the MUJI cut Cotton in WHITE is undoubtedly a viable DUPE to the cult much-loved – as well as expensive – Shiseido Facial Cotton.

I’ve been utilizing both MUJI as well as Shiseido cottons interchangeably for the past month to get a true sense of exactly how similar or dissimilar they are to every other.

First, let’s describe what a “dupe” is in the appeal world.  A dupe is a product that replicates one more product in terms of colour, finish, texture, longevity, performance etc. A mimic, if you will. A dupe is practical when:
• it is less expensive
• the original is no longer offered (limited edition or discontinued)
• the original is not widely accessible (ie. Canadian brand not offered in the UK)
• it fulfills a specific personal requirements (ie. cruelty-free, vegan, not made in China etc)

(Perhaps I must add this meaning to my terminology list?)

So for me, the MUJI cut Cotton dupe is a more affordable alternate to the Shiseido Facial Cotton.

Let’s back up a bit – I am just so ecstatic about this discovery! a few of you may understand that I’m a bit of a facial cotton fanatic. I like trying new ones as well as am permanently on a quest to discover the pinnacle of facial cotton perfection. That distinction goes to Shiseido Facial Cotton. But, it’s type of expensive at C$11 for a pack of 165 pieces. one more enthusiasm of mine is trying to discover a dupe for Shiseido Facial Cotton (which I phone call “Crack Cotton”) however so far, to no avail.

Enter the MUJI cut Cotton in White. It costs only C$3.50 for a pack of 165 pieces. I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that the MUJI cut Cotton consists of the precise exact same amount of pieces as what Shiseido contains. When I compared those blatant knock-offs from buyers medication Mart as well as Rexall, I noted exactly how similar their bundles look to Shiseido’s too.

I did my normal physical, observable comparisons between MUJI as well as Shiseido. The size of the MUJI is somewhat smaller, measuring 65 x 50mm whereas Shiseido’s is 65 x 55mm.

MUJI cut Cotton is thicker than Shiseido. I’ve noted that the MUJI cotton does seem to hold a lot more liquid than Shiseido.  Shiseido’s pieces look to have a somewhat smoother cut when checked out in a stack.

I pulled them apart to show the fluffiness.
They’re both extremely soft as well as the cotton sheets don’t autumn apart in use. There’s no linting at all.

I dialed up the contrast to show the difference in surface structure between the two – Shiseido has a minor ribbed structure whereas MUJI does not. It doesn’t make any type of difference in performance though.
Then I did a blind test. I put both Shiseido as well as MUJI in my cotton dispenser, randomly alternating them. as well as I might not tell the difference! 

As with the Shiseido, MUJI instructs that you can peel the cotton apart as well as utilize them as area “mask” treatments when soaked with toner / essence.
When I was inspecting the two cottons side by side, I’d state that the Shiseido is ever so somewhat softer. however it’s not evident while I was utilizing them on even the delicate eye area. honestly – saving 68% enables me to neglect this tiny, nearly undetectable discrepancy.

And both Shiseido as well as MUJI cottons are made in Japan.

Be cautious though – MUJI offers other facial cottons, so don’t get confused. You don’t want the cut Cotton Ecu – see my evaluation on it – it’s not almost as soft as the White version, likely because of the unbleached cotton. The only reason why I had even bought the Ecru version in the very first place was that the White was offered out. In fact, the White version is commonly offered out, I’ve found – most likely since it’s so good!

In addition, MUJI offers “Peelable Cotton”, as well as “Cotton Puffs” (thanks to polished & Inspired for pointing this out!) which are not the exact same as the cut Cotton. MUJI cut Cotton WHITE is what you want!

EDIT December 2017: I observed that MUJI has updated the cut Cotton packaging to this now so look out for this instead:

See this, Shiseido? This basic resealable bag opening? You need to upgrade your packaging to this!

• Soft
• extremely thick as well as strong
• No lint
• Resealable bag
• Cenově dostupné

• smaller size per sheet

Stash worthiness: 10/10

The one unfavorable point (smaller size) of the MUJI is a lot more than balance out by the inexpensive cost of the product. The Shiseido Facial Cotton has satisfied its match!  I do recognize that for some people, MUJI may not be quickly accessible. I’ll continue to seek out other dupes – I’m never contented when it pertains to facial cotton!  And don’t get me wrong, I’m not stating I’ll never get Shiseido Facial Cotton again, however let’s jUmluvte, že jsem spořil na 3 pytle muji řezané bavlněné bílé. Produkty MUJI lze zakoupit v obchodě nebo online. V Kanadě, v současné době je v současné době pouze 3 obchody, stejně jako naštěstí pro mě, jsou všechny snadno dostupné pro mě!

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