Saturday Surfing, June 23rd, 2018

Operation: J. Lo Booty
I woke up this morning as well as saw a rainbow…of resistance bands! got these for my birthday. now sweatin’ like a mofo.

Here’s the workout I’m doing:


Feel that booty ? hořet

Have you ever utilized resistance bands before? Oh em gee. Dude, they don’t look like much, however they are no joke. They’re an ultra-portable, inexpensive method to up your workout game.

Apparently, they double as jewelry!
Think durable rubber bands. You wrap them around different parts of your body during particular exercises where your muscles work against the resistance of the bands, as well as the different colors as well as sizes of the bands correspond to different levels of tension. Some are equal to a 10-pound dumbbell; some are rather a bit much more or less.

Slip one around your knees or ankles, as well as all of a sudden your squats as well as side lunges are next level. I’m speaking major shed ? (in a great way)! You can likewise utilize them for upper body (like for assisted pull-ups) as well as core work.


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

That’s Harris the cat, by the way…
One can only withstand so numerous burpees since they are really the devil’s work, as well as when I want to exercise however can’t bear the believed of going to an HIIT class or having a hard time with a run, a resistance band workout is practically fun.

Or, at least, different. They’re an easy, low-impact method to mix things up.

Now, I’m gonna go jump in the shower as well as de-funk myself, although I don’t understand why I bother, since it’s expected to be 90-something today, so I’m just gonna end up all sweaty once again anyway. While I embark upon stated useless endeavor, right here are some stories that caught my eye this week:

If you’re a lady of color, here’s a guide to discovering a nude lippie for darker skin tones.

New brand to view out for at Sephora: 7 Virtues. To support regional residents as well as households in war-torn areas, the brand sources raw components from locations caught in dispute as well as really overpays to assist farmers offer much more for their families.

Soon, fans of “the ‘gram” will be able to view hour-long videos with something called IGTV. Side note: would anybody be thinking about viewing me ramble for an hour on Instagram about cats? INQUIRING MINDS want TO KNOW.

I’m a huge fan of unisex scents (see: clean Reserve Sel Santal), so I can’t wait to sniff these three new fragrances Chanel is introducing for women as well as guys.

Co je ve jméně? former appeal Editor Linda Wells is introducing a new makeup line called Flesh. right here she talks about the semi-scandalous name as well as their products (she was going for controversy). The short article is likewise full of fun facts (which you understand I loooove), like exactly how the Peach Crayola crayon color utilized to be called Flesh, however it was rebranded during the begin of the civil rights movement.

Well, I just discovered what I’ve been missing all my life: CHOCOFLAN!!!

I certainly did not look such as this when I danced to push It at the eighth-grade dance…

Current summertime soundtrack


What are you as much as this weekend? Is it hella hot there too?

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