Saturday Surfing, February 24th, 2018

Yay, spring! ? It’s almost here, as well as the indications are showing. ?? Granted, it truly didn’t feel like spring at all this week since I had to mummify myself in several layers every time I stepped outside, however the world is starting to get up after its slumber.

Buds are starting to bloom, as well as the cherry blossoms ? are gearing up for their spring debut. quite soon their branches will be lush, strong as well as bright.


I hope the weather condition is nice sufficient to spend a bit time outside there today. I’d like to go for a walk with you. I like going for walks on the weekends. Or perhaps we might just sit on a park bench in the sun for a few minutes as well as read.

Which reminds me…

Girl, if you haven’t seen Black Panther yet, go see it. Hands down, my preferred comic book movie ever, however I don’t just believe it’s great for a comic book movie. If you like action-packed stories as well as strong women, stunning sets as well as costumes, complex character arcs as well as authentic dialogue as well as villains that don’t just dislike whatever since “they’re evil,” go see it (and I’m usually not even a fan of marvel movies). I spent half the movie marveling (haha) over the makeup, as well as this in-depth look at the illumination as well as makeup on the set was my preferred article this week.
“Over the past decade, post-production CGI innovation has provided editors seemingly unlimited power to modify scenes that have already been shot. No such luck for illumination as well as makeup: if a scene is dark when it goes into post-production, or someone’s makeup isn’t completely fit to their skin tone, software application can only do so much. even worse, since today’s cameras are so insanely accurate, even the tiniest makeup slip shows up on screen. ‘Some of this stuff you wouldn’t see with the naked eye can be spotted by the camera,’ states Siân Richards, who was Chadwick Boseman’s personal makeup artist on the film.”

While we’re on the topic of Black Panther, this is exactly how Oscar-winning makeup designer Joel Harlow (he won for 2009’s star Trek) produced the scars on huge baddie Killmonger, played by Michael B. Jordan.
It started with a body cast as well as great old-fashioned red pencil!

(Last Black Panther story, I promise.) Michael B. Jordan’s hairstyle in the movie is currently trending.

Speaking of hair, does it truly keep growing after you die? Is it healthier to avoid shampooing? This hair scientist tackles six typical hair myths.

Someone discovered a few of George Washington’s hair in an 18th century almanac. Yup, we have a few of the fabulous Founding Father’s elegant mane. Which leads me to wonder, “Um, why?!”
Apparently, keeping a lock of hair from somebody you admired, like a president, wasn’t weird back in the day. It was cool. In the 18th as well as 19th centuries, locks of hair were kept as keepsakes to provide to friends, charming partners as well as the relatives in fee of your family’s hair wreath (yes, this was likewise a thing).

It’s happening… A matte version of MAC Fix+ will be hitting shelves soon. Výložník.

These 11 mascaras get mad like from reviewers on Amazon. I wanna try the one called “It’s So Big.” (Side note: get your mind out of the gutter.)

OK, I’m off to go get a drink of water now since I’ve turned into a person who sets alarms on her phone to remind herself to chug H2O every hour.

Basically, the air’s been crisper as well as drier than usual lately, as well as it’s kicking my skin’s butt.


On that note, don’t fail to remember to hydrate! as well as don’t fail to remember to smile. ? It’s Caturday, after all.


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