The MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection extra dimension Bronzers and Blushes Are Making Waves With Me

as opposed to popular belief, mermaids aren’t always able to rely on sunshine and brisk sea breezes for bronzed skin and beautifully sun-kissed cheeks.

I mean, have you seen the beaches here in nor Cal?


Holy crap, man! many of the time they’re freezing cold and the skies are overcast.

But that’s where blush and bronzer come in, because even if you’re a mermaid, selkie or siren, you will find a way to get some color on your face and cheeks, high tides, cloudy skies and rough seas be damned!

The new MAC Alluring Aquatic collection, which crashes on shores this month, makes it easy to look like you’ve been lounging in a seaside sun-drenched seashell all day, thanks to its two Bronzing Powders ($27.50 each), two extra dimension Bronzers ($33 each) and two extra dimension Blushes ($27.50 each).


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

The release splashes ashore may 15 at and may 22 at North American MAC counters (internationally some time in May).

I’ve been wearing the extra dimension Bronzer in Delphic and extra dimension Blushes in Sea Me hear Me and Seduced at sea this week, and as a part-time mermaid (my regular job as Tabs the Cat’s personal assistant prohibits me from making the jump to full-time), I can say that all three have made a big splash with me.

Extra dimension Bronzer in Delphic
Starting with Delphic extra dimension Bronzer, I can’t recall ever seeing MAC release a bronzer version, so I’m beyond thrilled to see this soft brick tan with its touch of barely-there golden shimmer.

I’ve been using it to add all-over warmth to my skin by sweeping it below my cheekbones, around the edges of my face and across my forehead, where it deposits just the ideal amount of color to the skin without that heavy, obvious, powdery look that some powder bronzers leave behind.

The new-ish extra dimension formula, which is sort of a combination of a cream, liquid and powder in the same pan, feels soft to the touch — practically creamy — and I really, really love it, not only because it blends easily and looks natural (the bronzer doesn’t sit on my skin like some powder bronzers do), but it’s also long-wearing. I get from 8-10 hours.

Delphic has a finish that’s just about perfect, and I’m crushing hard on this one, big time. It looks matte at first, but when you look closely you can see a small sheen. The fine shimmer also gives it even much more depth.

And then there are the two blushes in beige pink Sea Me hear Me and neutral plum Seduced at Sea.

Extra dimension Blushes in Sea Me, hear Me (left) and Seduced at sea (right)

Sea Me hear Me is like MAC Blushbaby’s cousin (which is, incidentally, one of my favorite MAC blushes of all time) with an extra dimension formula (YES!!).

I could seriously wear this daily because of how natural it looks on cheeks.

Extra dimension blush in Sea Me, hear Me
I think Seduced at sea is also a beauty, and for whatever reason, this plummy blush shows up with a lot of red tones on my NC42 skin. If you tend to pick up a tan during the summer, and/or have red undertones in your skin, Seduced at sea could be a great addition to your summertime routine.

Extra dimension blush in Seduced at Sea
Both blushes have quite a bit of pigment in them, so you might want to use a light touch when applying, especially if you’re a lighter lass.

Swatches from the left: extra dimension Bronzer in Delphic, extra dimension blush in Sea Me hear Me and extra dimension blush in Seduced at Sea
Like the Bronzer, when it concerns wear time, these blushes are boss! We’re talkin’ 10 hours, at least, and that’s even in the midst of an unseasonable heatwave (it’s been hitting the 90s here for the past couple days).

Yup, whether you’re a water baby or a landlubber, I think there are lots of good reasons to succumb to the new Alluring Aquatic extra dimension Bronzers and Blushes. I’m a big fan.


Your friendly neighborhood charm addict,



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