Mascara Base: Shiseido vs Dr. Mascara Fixer

continuing with Lash Week, today I’ll be taking a look at mascara bases.  What is a mascara base?  It’s like a primer for your lashes.  I didn’t believe the hype until I got a gwp sample of the Shiseido, as well as then I ended up being a convert.

Late last year, I purchased a Korean mascara base by Etude House that had been extremely evaluated online, which costs $9 each, vs $25 for the Shiseido one.  Let’s see exactly how they stack up against each other.

I don’t wear false lashes, so I requirement all the assist I can get with a mascara base. What a great mascara base does:
• improves curled lashes
• assists develop length as well as volume
• assists mascara to abide by lashes much better to avoid flaking as well as smudging
• some will even offer conditioning to the lashes

Shiseido Nourishing Mascara Base is a cult favourite, as well as has been my HG essential for a few years now, as well as it checks all of the above attributes.  A tube with everyday utilize will last me around 6 months (I’m rather amazed that for an eye product, the expiry on the product states 24 months after opening!)

It has natural bristles that are rather short as well as relatively sparsely spaced to ensure that it can get close to the roots of the lashes.  How I utilize the primer is as follows: I curl my lashes, then I apply a coat of the primer, let it dry for around 15 seconds, then apply my mascara on top as normal.  The primer applies remove as well as doesn’t make my lashes stiff.  The Shiseido performs remarkably as well as I have no complaints – except that it’s rather expensive at $25 per tube.

The competitor is Etude home Dr. Mascara Fixer – I purchased both the volume Up as well as the Longlash as much as try.  I’ve only opened the volume version to use first (Longlash up has a rounded wand).

It likewise has natural bristles that are of average length with a tapered end, as well as the spacing of the bristles are somewhat even more apart compared to the Shiseido. The primer likewise applies clear.  It has a 6 month expiry after opening.

I evaluated the Dr. Mascara Fixer for a week using my cherished L’Oreal Bare Naturale mascara on top.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the Dr. Mascara carried out somewhat much better than the Shiseido!  I would state that in the area of building length or volume, it was on par with the Shiseido.  It likewise matched Shiseido for keeping my mascara from flaking as well as smudging.  The area where this base excelled was at holding my curl – it was rather impressive!

A few other observations:
• Dr. Mascara Fixer declares it is “infused with Black Food extracts to condition lashes”; Shiseido likewise touts lash conditioning as an attribute. I don’t relay on my mascara base for this – I utilize my reliable Cargo LashActivator Night (or soon to be caster oil) for assisting my lashes stay healthy.
• I didn’t notice any type of difference between exactly how the 2 wand styles used their respective products.
• perhaps it’s just me, however I truly like mascaras that are available in these capture lipgloss type tubes – I feel like I can get much more product out of the tube.
• The only drawback to Dr. Mascara Fixer is that I can only purchase it on the internet whereas I have simple gain access to to Shiseido

Overall, I’m extremely delighted I took a possibility as well as tried the Etude home Mr. Mascara repair base.  I’ll be purchasing this from now on!  I can’t wait to try the Longlash version.  Saving $16 on every tube is a no brainer.

Other mascara bases that I’ve utilized before that I haven’t liked as much:
• Clinique Lash building primer ($19) – makes my lashes droop
• DiorShow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum & primer ($35) – great for volumizing however tend to provide lashes a spidery appearance, likewise extremely expensive

Do you utilize mascara bases? Jaká je tvá oblíbená?

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