Den v kráse sv. 24: the best Black liquid liner and a makeup tip for Late nights

Essie Gel Couture in Pre-Show Jitters ($11.50)
I love the ’90s…

That was the name of the concert I went to last Saturday night — I love the ’90s — with my pal Marisol, and it was the first time I stayed out late since…


Shoot, I can’t even remember, but it’s been a looong time. I’ve been serving hard time in baby jail for almost five months now, and even before Connor arrived, back when I was still pregnant, I wasn’t going out a lot because I was ginormous, always tired and constantly uncomfortable.

Anywho, like I was saying, I hadn’t been out since forever, and when we were driving back home in the middle of the night from Jackson, California, which is a small town — I’m sorry, Jacksonites — out in the middle of nowhere, I suddenly got the feeling that I was wearing 20 layers of makeup on my face.

I wasn’t wearing a ton, though. Just, like, NARS tinted moisturizer, some powder, a little bit of cat eye makeup, so nothing too cray, but after being out and about in the summer sun for a few hours and perspiring at the concert, that drive home was rough.


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

I couldn’t wait to get home and wash my face, and Marisol said the same thing.

Has that ever happened to you? — where you get the sudden urge to wash your face in the automobile on a long drive home in the middle of the night? I mean, Marisol and I can’t be the only two people.

Ach! — I just thought of a genius (if I do say so myself) idea for the next time I’m out and about in the wee hours (whenever that may be). I’ll bring along a pack of makeup wipes to keep in the car!

That way I can remove my makeup, wipe down my face, and let my skin breathe. then when I get home, I can just fall right into bed, ah…

By the way, these new Clinique Take the Day Off Micellar Cleansing Towelettes are SO BOMB.

Clinique Take the Day Off Micellar Cleansing Towelettes for face & Eyes ($14 for a pack of 50 wipes)

So what’s this micellar business about? Apparently, they’re ambitious little oil molecules suspended in water, and they attract oil, dirt and makeup.

These gentle wipes remove just about everything (including water resistant makeup), and they’re soft and don’t dry out my skin. Plus, you don’t have to rinse with water after using them because they don’t leave behind a sticky residue. They’re also fragrance free.

Speaking of Clinique…I was chatting with Chelsea (hey, girl, haaay!) in the comments on my cat eye post yesterday about Clinique pretty easy liquid liner ($19.50), and I have to give it an extra shout-out.

I actually started using it a few months ago but then got distracted by something else (can’t remember what it was), and I liked it back then, but now I love it.


Clinique pretty easy liquid Eyelining Pen ($19.50)
It’s a fabulous liquid pen liner with a felt tip, and it’s available in black and brown (I wear black). The felt tip flexes, so it has some give to it, but it draws sharp, crisp lines of deep, intense color, and it doesn’t budge.

It doesn’t make my eyes water, either. give it a try if you’re looking for a new liquid liner, because it’s SO good.

Essie Gel Couture in Pre-Show Jitters ($11.50)
One last thing — the nail polish I’m wearing? That’s Essie Gel Couture in Pre-Show Jitters ($11.50). It looks like a stark white at first glance, but there’s a hint of pink in it. It’s my new fave shade!

Have you discovered (or rediscovered) any beauty faves lately?


Vaše přátelské sousedství krásy závislý,


P.S. happy hump day.

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