The new MAC Patrick Starrr Oh No She Beta Don’t/Patrickstarrr kit

Oh no she beta don’t!
You know, whenever any individual mentions Patrick Starrr, my mind immediately goes to the MAC glam-bassador’s over-the-top makeup style, and so when a dude at the gym last Wednesday night asked during the stretching part at the end of HIIT class if we could do the “Patrick Starrr,” I just automatically assumed he wanted everyone to bust out their falsies and bake their contours. (As one does at the end of a particularly brutal set of lunges, naturally.)

Oh No She Beta Don’t/Patrickstarrr
Turns out homeboy was talking about another nickname for the “corpse pose” — ya know, the one where you literally just lie there on the floor?


Ha ha ha!

But you can’t blame my brain for going there! Patrick’s been doing his thang with MAC for the past few seasons, and he’s all over the place. Why wouldn’t he be a gym reference, too?!

MAC Patrick Starrr Oh No She Beta Don’t/Patrickstarrr kit ($21, coming September 6, 2018 to and select counters)

His most current MAC collab? — two fall kits, each with an eyeshadow quad and a liquid lippie. I’m wearing the one called “Oh No She Beta Don’t,” which to me sounds like it would be an awesome intro to a Ru Paul song from back in the day.


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

The other one is called “Boy about Town.”

Eye shadow X 4/Sugah mama and retro Matte liquid Lipcolour in utmost Diva
My breath stopped short at the sight of the shimmery golden purplish taupe in the Sugah mama eyeshadow quad, considering that it looks so much like a powder version of one of my fave discontinued cream shadows, MAC Lilacked (RIP).

I tried it on, and gah! — it’s so deliciously toasty and taupe-y and sparkly. picture an extra shimmery Satin Taupe with the tiniest flakes of golden glitter.

Yummy, right?

I had a little fallout with the darkest blackened brown eyeshadow when I smudged it on my outer corner and swept it into my crease, but the three other shades (including the purply taupe) did just fine.

I’m wearing the Sugah mama eyeshadow quad on my lids and Ulitmate Diva on my lips.

The liquid lipstick, by the way, is deceptively dark. I put on a layer before leaving the house to pick up Connor on her first day of preschool because I wanted to smother her with kisses without leaving her cheeks all marked up with lipstick, and the retro Mattes don’t transfer. I swear, as I walked out the door, that lippie looked like a straight-up peachy tan nude.

Fast forward 15 minutes. I was standing outside the preschool enjoying Connor through the window as she played with the other kids. Side note: It became evident that she’s either gonna be the mayor of her class or a mob boss… Really, it could go either way.

Jsem NC42.
Anyway, I briefly caught a look of myself in the window’s reflection and saw Karen circa 1995 staring back at me because that lippie had morphed from a peachy tan into a deep reddish brown.

It was at least three shades darker than it was when I left the house and incredibly intense. very MAC Paramount. Nineteen-year-old Karen would’ve wholeheartedly approved!

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This kit has Patrick’s signature drama, for sure, and as far as new fall makeup goes, it’s still neutral enough to wear to work or school. That said, you could also improve the drama even a lot more with false lashes, some glitter and a killer contour… I mean, if you wanna go the full-glam route.

You’ll probably like it, especially if you like cooler tones. Although I swooned much harder over the Me So Fleek kit last spring, Oh No She Beta Don’t has potential.


3 out of 5 hearts.

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