Shiseido ideal Rouge

At Winners (Canadian TJMaxx) a couple of weeks ago, I saw a bunch of Shiseido ideal Rouge lipsticks up for sale at $12.99 a pop. They’re regularly $30 each.  It reminded me of the collection that I had at home… which I paid full price for (don’t you just hate that? Seeing stuff you purchased at full price marked down at a later date?) I keep neglecting my collection so I thought I’d pull them out:

I own (left to right):
• Fleur OR341 – orange coral
• Dreamscape RD351 – muted pinkish coral
• Sublime RD142 (gwp size) – warm soft red
• harmony RD750 – brick red
• Pink Mesa PK303 – brownish pink nude
• Venetian rose RS711 – mauve rose

It seems that not a lot of people have tried these lipsticks, so I’ll do swatches of them here and offer some information about this incredible lipstick.

The formula of ideal Rouge is a dream: smooth, pigmented, hydrating, and lightweight.  I get 4 hours of wear and it wears off very naturally, leaving a small stain.  The finish is a satin with some of the shades having small shimmer (but not glitter).  There’s no scent to the lipsticks which is a refreshing change.  I also love the packaging – the tube feels substantial, I think it’s made of metal – and the shape is so distinct and sleek.  Another plus: the non-rounded shape of the tubes implies they don’t roll off tables.

One of my tubes (Venetian rose RS711, on the right) is a slightly purpley toned gunmetal colour – I’m not sure why it’s different than the rest, it might have been a limited edition release.


• distinct curved bullet shape to hug the lips for one sweep application
• Ultra-Fine Satin Smooth Pearl for colour vibrancy
• Super Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE for deep hydration
• created by Dick Page, distinguished makeup artist
• vyrobeno v Japonsku
• 25 highly wearable colours

More swatches:

The first one I got was Fleur, which I purchased during the summer a few years ago. It’s a peachy coral shade that is easy to throw on.

I purchased harmony primarily because the beautiful model in the promotional material was sporting this shade:

The Shiseido ideal Rouge is one of my all time preferred lipstick formulas – there are so numerous much more colours I’d like to get (Tourmaline, Titian, sweet Pea).  Lately I’ve been wearing harmony and Pink Mesa quite a bit – they’re ideal fall shades!  Have you tried these lipsticks?  I highly recommend them!

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